What is the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO


A common question between people with an online store is what is the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO? And this is a good question. The choice of an e-commerce platform for your online store is not a decision to take lightly and you have to take into consideration several elements in order to pick the best one.

E-Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds. And there are many online stores that are released to the market for the first time but, of course, not all are successful. Thus, knowing how to choose a platform of electronic commerce for each specific case is the first step in a long way in the creation and launching of an online store. But first, we need to know what exactly a platform of E-Commerce is.

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What is an Ecommerce Platform?

In other words, an Ecommerce Platform is software which allows us to create an online store. Nowadays, there are many and diverse enterprises which have dedicated to offer online platform for free or you can pay to get extra services.

An online platform allows us, among other things:

  • Offer products for sale
  • Set a price for these products
  • Make products look a certain way
  • Write detailed product information

Allowing customers to purchase through the modality called “cart” that is, they can buy various products and pay them all together to go through cart.

Therefore, all these services allow us to make an Ecommerce platform, it means to create an authentic online store to offer your products and services.

So, this kind of platform does not need to hire any programmer, think of a Web design or other complications that would arise if someone wants to build its own platform of E-Commerce. Since this is something that can only make the big commercial chains thanks to big investment.

Some E-Commerce platforms require some basic programming skills, also because they have many more possibilities than other platforms that are easier to use.

Let’s talk now of the main platforms of E-Commerce, so you can see the different options you have when assemble your shop and you can find the platform that best fits what you need and are looking for creating your E-Commerce.

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What is the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO?

In this part, we will discuss various options you have when choosing the platform for creating your online store. To do this, we will make a distinction between plugins and online platforms, operating as a website. Let’s start talking for the most recommended plugins.

The best plugins for creating Online Stores

  1. WordPress WooCommerce

Actually it is a plugin, a kind of application to WordPress, the most used in the world to create blogs and websites platform. WooCommerce is free, easy to install and offers everything you need to mount an online store in minutes. It is advisable only for those who have some experience with WordPress. Otherwise, we will have to dedicate some time to learn some basics and can really make the most of this platform.

  1. GetShopped

It is another plugin for WordPress, much more flexible and versatile. It is also free and offers multiple functionalities. Its weakness is its some basic and inelegant design, plus some errors that may occasionally occur. It may be a good option for tiny shops that are starting with little or no experience in the world of E-Commerce.

  1. Shopp and Marketpress

They are two of the best plugins for WordPress E-Commerce payment. Both are very accessible and designed for companies that specialize in E-Commerce. Of course, they offer many more features than the free ones. In the long term, it is a very good investment for any shop.

So, now we are going to answer what is the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO? Well this depend of your decision and the kind of store you have. Therefore, online platforms are simple to use only you need to create an account and configure everything to work. Let’s see now some of the most relevant: Magento e-commerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, ZenCart eCommerce and many others.


Which is the best platform for you?

Presented the main platforms for E-Commerce, now we can think about what might be the best for the needs of each shop. All of these platforms are used by thousands of people, and some of them are supported online retailers who have already earned a lot of money by selling their products online.

Thus, if SEO is going to be the key in the strategy of your Online Store, keep in mind search engine optimization (SEO) or if your shop will be targeted to potential customers that can be segmented. In this case, WordPress platforms let you SEO gets good medium-long term results.

Designing a shop it is not unlike a physical commerce. The only difference is that a physical store occupies real space, while a shop is in the virtual world on a street or in a mall.  Ecommerce Marketing

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