How to Unblock YouTube without Using a Proxy

Certain websites, such as YouTube, have become such an important part of lives that it is almost impossible to live without them. So what happens when you lose access to these routinely-used websites? It feels like something has been confiscated from you in the oddest of ways and everything comes to a stand-still. This is exactly how thousands of people feel when the access of YouTube blocked in their area, location or a regional district.

Proxies are perhaps the most common way of unblocking YouTube but not all are safe and there is a lot of trial and error involved. So the questions arises how to unblock YouTube without using a proxy? There are several other ways:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN):

This is a private network that can be set up on your computer. A host computer sends and receives data from the internet to a shared network of selected people. The advantages of using VPN includes: they are confidential, secures your IP address, encrypts data for security purposes and in a way forms a layer of security over the network. So when you saw in the movies that a group of bad guys are communicating openly on the internet, perhaps they aren’t doing it so openly and are using a VPN which is created just for the very purpose they wanted.

  • Software applications for unblocking:

Unblock YouTube with the help of various software applications available throughout the web. While some require a minimal cost, there are plenty that are free. Spotflux is an example of similar software application that not only unblockYouTube and other blocked websites but also helps protect privacy via safe browsing and security on any digital device. What makes this specific software so popular is that it helps unlock and access YouTube without any ads and interruptions. Some other examples include:

  1. 1.      Ultrasurf:

Consider Ultrasurf as unblocking software that is the answer to your prayers. It not only unblocks the websites that have been banned but it also hides your IP. Just download it from the web and start using right away without the hassle of any kind of installation. Use it on internet explorer and you don’t have to configure any settings, it does so in this browser automatically. Use it in any other and you will have to set it up in accordance with the browser’s settings. Put it in a flash drive or a USB and carry it anywhere around. Who knows it might become handy at your workplace or even at a friend’s place!

  1. 2.      Tor:

Tor is yet another software, like Ultrasurf, that helps beat the internet censorship. It lets you bypass internet filters and any kind of censorship by substituting your IP address with an imaginary one. You can even watch videos and play with instant messaging with Tor easily.

This is better open-source free unblocking software in a way that it is available for Mac, windows, android and even linux. While Ultrasurf is definitely a good option for unblocking YouTube but it is only available to windows PC.

  1. 3.      FreeGate:

FreeGate is popular software that helps you visit blocked websites in your country. It does without compromising with your computer’s speed. It will be just like your good old computer running websites like the way they used to. FreeGate hides your IP, which is a plus to it, it continues to switch between the IP addresses it chooses for you. This way your location can never be traced. Use this to watch blocked videos on YouTube or simply unblock YouTube if it has been banned in your country and pursue routine usage the way you used to.

  • Internet Archive:

Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library of internet sites that helps people from every profession (including general public) to get free access to their desired sites. It also has a ‘Wayback Machine’ that could even take you to the websites that are inaccessible in your location currently along with other important functions. You could visit YouTube from the Internet Archive and gain secure access to it and even view videos that no longer exists for this website looks into the stored data of the internet from the database.  Access YouTube from here free of cost!

  • IP Address of website:

Use the IP address of the website instead of its URL. Look for IP address of YouTube by typing ‘ping’ in terminal or online. Use that IP address in place of the URL in the address bar and you should be able to IP Address of website. It works everywhere, everytime!