Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site


Once your online store is ready to receive visitors, it is time to employ Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site. For that reason, it’s necessary to take action to boost your online ecommerce store whit the help of social networks.

Currently, Social networks play an increasingly important role in the evolution of online shopping, it is estimated that consumers rely on these for support in decision-making, and 90% of people choose to purchase through recommendations.

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For e-commerce, you should be aware that social networks are very important to increase awareness of your brand or drive traffic to your ecommerce online store. So if want to be successful in this industry, you have to spend time doing marketing strategies through social media. Therefore, we will show you Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site.

But you can’t use social networks without knowledge; before implementing them, you should know what types of sites exist and what their characteristics in order to gain more profit.

Using Social Networks: Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site.


If you want to publicize your brand you need to use this site. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, because it has a base of more than one billion users, and still has the ability to continue growing. One in seven people have a Facebook account.

This is a great platform for issues related to lifestyle and businesses who can create compelling and shareable content brands. With this tool you can drive traffic to your site and generate sales, but how?

Use descriptive images! They have more opportunity to create interaction. If you use images of your products, put text on the image where explain some things like if “new”, “summer collection 2015” or “available”. In that way, you can provide greater context to the user and he has more information for to make a purchase.

Create a collage of your products: If you use images of your products frequently, it can also become boring for your audience. So do something creative like creating a collage of your products. Make the most out of your images.

Offering discounts:  If you use this technique for season, it is likely to get people to take action on your behalf. Takes advantage of the Shortage and set a due date for the discount you offer.

Offer gift cards:  Take advantage of the upcoming holidays and offers gift cards; this way you give people a way to share your brand and products with people nearby.

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Currently, twitter is one of the most known social networks and is interested in e-commerce. Twitter wants companies have a profile on the social platform and they can take advantage of the benefits. If you don’t know how you could use this network for your ecommerce store.

To generate sales using Twitter:

  • Make Webinars, interact with your followers on Twitter meantime.
  • Organize contests.
  • Provides Promotions and discounts in your tweets.

With these tips you can start generating extra sales in your online store. Remember that you need to know the target market extensively to you lead your product.


One of the most important social networks for electronic commerce is Pinterest, after Facebook and Twitter. This social network can help you increase web traffic to your ecommerce store and improve your SEO positioning. In Pinterest you can publish original images of your products, so users can give “like” or send them to their friend.

It has a business version called Pinterest for Business, useful for your online store for the following characteristics:

Pinterest Analytics lets you make tracking of your activity. So, you can see how many people are Pinning from your e-commerce site, is seeing your pins and is clicking on them. You’ll know which pins are shared more or what people are Pinning more often.

It also has the “check” official profile, which can generate greater confidence in your customers and possibly more sales.


From the beginning, this platform has been oriented to business. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for the business model B2B (Business to Business). According SM Examiner for 33 percent of B2B companies LinkedIn is the most important social network in its strategy.


To reach a visual market, you can create YouTube videos to your online store and your channel. Now, the use of videos in online marketing has become a very powerful tool that you should not put aside. Thus, it is the largest video portal, so through video marketing can have a significant social presence.

Now you have several Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site. Remember, it is important to know your audience to choose the appropriate platform to use. And you, what social networks will implement in your ecommerce store?

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